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“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”
 – William Hutchinson Murray, The Scottish Himalaya Expedition, referencing Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – 


About Oldani Entrepreneurial Law, P.C.

Oldani Entrepreneurial Law, P.C. opened in 2013 in Evanston, Illinois to serve entrepreneurs starting, running, and growing businesses, and to provide legal information through  This site highlights and explains numerous entrepreneurial legal issues.  Unless otherwise noted, all written content was created by Oldani Entrepreneurial Law to provide clear and simple understanding of many issues businesses face throughout their lifetimes, from conception onward.

Disclaimer:  This site does not provide legal advice.  Every legal situation is unique.  No law firm or attorney can or should give legal advice without understanding the distinguishing circumstances of a situation.  This site does not create any attorney-client relationship.  For legal help and advice, please contact a local attorney.


About Jessica L. Oldani

I opened my first business in 1991.  I loved every minute of building that company.  I did not have access to the kind of online information available now through this site and others.  Better information, more guidance, and helpful legal support would have made a wonderful difference to my work.  Instead, I depended on trial and error to achieve my success.

I eventually closed that business for family reasons, but it still holds a special place in my heart.

Later, after years as a full-time mom and time spent working and studying with engineers and entrepreneurs in emerging industries, I went back to school.  I completed my J.D., and went on to receive an LL.M. (Master of Laws) in International Business and Trade Law.

For the past couple of years, I have been handling legal issues for multi-national corporations.  Additionally in 2012, I began serving a group of local entrepreneurs.  I loved the work.  I decided to open a practice when I saw how relieved and happy my work made my clients.  The legal work legitimized their business, added value, and made the enterprise and the participants stronger.

I opened this practice to serve entrepreneurs full-time.  I am passionate about the law and your ability to use it to your business advantage.  I understand entrepreneurship, and believe in my clients and their success.  I am dedicated to supporting, uplifting, and protecting my entrepreneurs.





“Seek out that particular mental attribute which makes you feel
most deeply and vitally alive, along with which comes the inner voice
which says, 'This is the real me,' and when you have found that attitude, follow it."
― William James ―