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Working with Oldani Law

Legal Services

For business leaders guiding a company through growth, innovation, or change, Oldani Entrepreneurial Law, P.C. (“Oldani Law”) delivers practical legal counsel and services that protect your bottom line.  Oldani Law’s unique approach to relationships makes you want to call your lawyer!  Founding attorney and lifelong entrepreneur Jessica Oldani understands business ownership, leadership, and growth, and truly cares about her clients and their success.  Jessica Oldani and her team marry solid legal acumen with business ownership and management perspective to deliver what large law firms cannot: elegant, accessible legal solutions that empower your business, enhance your comfort, and protect your profitability.  Oldani Entrepreneurial Law is based in Evanston, Illinois and serves businesses from local to global with interests throughout the State.

Oldani Entrepreneurial Law can advise regarding a single project or issue, can serve as business counsel, or can work with your in-house team to identify holes in your current programs.  We can conduct a legal integrity assessment to help you determine and prioritize your business’s legal issues and needs.  Oldani Entrepreneurial Law knows that legal work can seem like a scary can of financial worms, and wants to remove that fear for you.  We provide competitive rates, and welcome you to come in for an introductory meeting at no charge.

Depending on the project or issue at hand, Oldani Law generally uses flat project-based fees, hourly fees, or hourly fees with a cap.  Oldani Law can also “unbundle” services for clients interested in executing their own legal services and hiring Oldani Law for narrowly defined work.  Unbundling must be appropriate under the circumstances, and in such cases the client assumes full responsibility for all work executed by the client.

Oldani Law generally works on security retainer.  A security retainer sets aside funds for legal services expected to be performed by the attorney.  This is not a form of pre-payment.  It is a way to ensure that the funds for expected services exist and are reserved for such purposes.  These funds belong to the client, and are held separately from the attorney’s own account in a client trust account until, upon client authorization, they are applied to services the attorney has actually performed.  Any client funds remaining in trust after all services have been rendered are returned to the client.


Meeting with OEL


To contact Oldani Entrepreneurial Law, feel free to fill out the contact form on this website or reach the office at:

900 Chicago Avenue, Suite 104
Evanston, Illinois 60202