Entity Cleanup

Sometimes we find ourselves months or years into a business, having done our best to start it on our own or having addressed the bare minimum legal activity needed to just get ourselves to market.

When you realize you might have missed a few steps or items, it’s important to fill in the holes so you can move forward with a solid, strong foundation.

When we do an entity formation, we set you up with an initial set of records that we believe ticks all the boxes for a proper formation, with a formation meeting during which we go through those records, walk you through the initial legal activity, and explain a number of related and essential legal concepts we know you’ll need.

If you didn’t do your formation with us and believe you might need some help making sure your legal foundation is in good shape, we can provide an entity cleanup to fill in the missing holes and bring you up to speed. Our entity cleanup includes not just documentation, but explanation of those essential legal concepts we would have wanted you to understand from the beginning. It’s never too late.

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Corporate Maintenance

For our clients for whom we provide other legal services, Ms. Oldani can serve as registered agent, and our firm can assist with annual corporate maintenance. Despite the name, “corporate maintenance” services are not really just for corporations, but are applicable to limited liability companies (LLCs), for-profit corporations (including B-corporations, S-corporations, and C-corporations), and not-for-profit corporations.

Every corporation, limited liability company (LLC), and other entity registered with the Secretary of State needs to maintain their active status by submitting an annual filing that requires basic, updated information and payment of an applicable fee. (Note that all information provided to the Secretary of State is public.)

In Illinois, every entity has its own annual report filing deadline. Your entity’s annual report is always due by the end of the month immediately preceding the original filing month.

A registered agent is the person publicly listed with the Secretary of State to receive service of process on the entity, should anyone pursue a legal claim against it. In other words, the registered agent is the person on whose door a process server knocks to hand them legal documents and say something along the lines of, “You just got served”.

The registered agent also receives certain official correspondence from the Secretary of State and other government agencies, including correspondence related to the annual report.

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