Accessible legal solutions that empower your business, enhance your comfort, and protect your profitability.

Once you’re a client, we’re here when you need to pick up the phone or reach out with something unexpected. We look forward to working with you.

We’re not a resource for generic templates, and we’re not ultra-priced big law; we’re who you call when you want thoughtful, practical solutions from someone who understands you and your business and can use the law to lift you up.

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We work with you on an as-needed basis

Depending on the project or issue at hand, we offer some services as flat-fee-based projects and others at hourly rates.

We have varied experience to prove it

With extensive background in Chicagoland’s startup and small business arena, we provide  a wealth of knowledge to help protect and defend your interests.

The Oldani Entrepreneurial Law Proven Process:

  1. We learn about your business;
  2. We help you to identify your legal needs and opportunities;
  3. We teach you about the law – in plain language – as applies to your legal needs and opportunities (you get smarter);
  4. We advise and work closely with you on the best legal solutions;
  5. Your business is better;
  6. You call us next time you have a question.

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