Is your business growing or changing?

When it’s time to grow your business; add more business locations or separate entities (a holding company, affiliated entities, or subsidiaries) to the enterprise; add new lines of business; add new brands or other assets; add people to your business; or expand your business’s reach – then it’s time to examine your structure and governance.

This is the time to design your business growth proactively to ensure you are considering structural efficiency and effectiveness, liability, and tax.

  • Should you add locations or new lines or brands under the same entity or others?
  • Is your business vision evolving?
  • Is your current entity type the right one for your growth?
  • If you are adding entities, what entity types are best?
  • How does the business flow through the enterprise; what are the roles of the various entities to each other?
  • Where do the managers, officers, and employees work and get paid?
  • How do you minimize tax, liability, and risks, how do you protect your assets, all while maximizing potential gains?

If your business has Illinois operations or interests or is formed here, we can help. This discussion begins with a legal consult.

How We Can Help Your Changing Business

Partner or shareholder stepping in/out

Ownership change

Selling, dividing, or closing a business

Buying or merging businesses

Transferring assets

Starting a joint venture

Staring a new contractual relationship/deal

Moving a business to/from Illinois

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