If you have a business, you have intellectual property (“IP”).

And, your business value likely derives, at least in part, from that intellectual property. Your intellectual property may impact the price you are able to charge for your goods and services or for the sale of your business, if or when you sell it. You may license the use of some of that intellectual property to others, or to your other businesses. In fact, the majority of business value today comes from intangibles – items you can’t necessarily hold in your hand, like your trademarks, trade secrets, copyrighted content, and other intellectual property.

We believe intellectual property and intangible value are ever-present and intrinsically intertwined in your business, and essential to consider at all stages and with respect to all actions and transactions. This is precisely why we practice business law and intellectual property law, fully integrated, as a single practice.

The way business works today, and the way business value is determined today, makes business and intellectual property inseparable. And, not recognizing or protecting your IP can be like leaving your open wallet on a silver platter.

Intellectual Property Services

Identifying and properly addressing your intellectual property can be key to protecting your rights in these assets and increasing the value of your business, goods, and services. We can help you to identify, develop, and protect your intellectual property. Contact us for an intellectual property consult or learn about some of our specific intellectual property practice areas below.


Identify and protect exclusive rights in your business name, tagline, logo and other brand identifiers. Claim your territory.

Trademark Services


Ensure your business is the author and has all rights in any copyrightable content that is key to your business value and success.

Copyright Services

Trade Secrets

Classify and protect your advantageous business processes and workflows, tricks of the trade, and “secret sauce”

Trade Secret Services
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