What is entrepreneurial law?

Entrepreneurial Law is next chapter business law. We understand the knowledge economy and the entrepreneurial revolution. We know that no matter your size or industry, the majority of your business value today is intangible. We know that your business law needs and intellectual property law needs are inseparably integrated, and you need a law firm that recognizes and can serve this continually evolving dynamic. We also know that traditional government and economic metrics, business valuation methods, and accounting practices have yet to keep pace. The reason is, most business value today is not captured as traditional book value. Legal is the first line of offense and defense available to business to identify, capture, develop, and protect the full spectrum of business value. Legal offers the tools and opportunities to shape, clarify, and protect your business, and to define and claim your market, rights, and interests. Entrepreneurial law addresses the many legal issues particular to those businesses navigating growth, innovation, or change inside the business and outside in the marketplace. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Types of Legal Entities


Learn about S-corps, C-corps, close-, and professional corporations

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Doing Business As (DBA)

Learn about Doing Business As, Assumed Business Names, and Fictitious Business Names

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Nutshell Entities Compared

Compare the differences between entity types

Entity Types Compared

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Learn about limited liability companies (LLCs)

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Learn about partnerships

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Sole Proprietorship

Learn about sole proprietorships

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