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Municipalities Compliance

Municipality compliance involves zoning, licensing, inspections, permitting, and other local regulatory and procedural issues.  Procedures may run swiftly, or may require multiple steps and considerable time and energy.

Working successfully with a municipality primarily involves respecting procedure and engaging in constructive interpersonal relationships.  Keep in mind that the individuals working at the other end of things also face many legal requirements.  For example, those in city service must devote equal attention and support to every member of the community.  They must go to great lengths to prove their equanimity and fairness.  Sometimes they cannot change or speed things up for you, even if they would like to.  It would be unfair.  Additionally, those in community service are often overworked and underappreciated. 

Understanding and identifying with those in municipal service can go a long way toward upgrading your experience.  It may not alter regulatory processes, but it can improve your overall business experience and relationships with city representatives.  In certain circumstances, city personnel may be free to creatively engage with you to accomplish mutual goals; yours in business, theirs in economic development.  Remain open to helping the city and its personnel in any way you can.  Whenever possible, do your best to make their jobs easier.  Doing so can only support the system on which you depend.